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My Mother’s Pearls

May 15, 2014 By: Diane - No Comments


I love children’s story books, they are so full of wisdom. I know that is weird, maybe… but not so long ago I discovered a children’s book, My Mother’s Pearls, by Catherine Myler Fruisen. It is about heirloom pearls. Before discovering this book, I thought of pearls as “top button”, preppy, and stuffy. As I am reading this book I am realizing the value of a strand of pearls. The story relays the treasure of handing down a treasure (in this case, a string of pearls) to the next generation.

The mother tells her daughter the story of this string of pearls that had been given to her by her mother. Starting with her great, great, grandmother, the pearls were given to her daughter, then, that mother to her daughter and so on. They each have a different tale relating about the pearls. Finally, the mother of the book is giving them to her daughter and the story created an heirloom that the daughter was very proud to receive.

Life is much like a pearl in that something beautiful is created out of an object that is an irritant. Sometimes this growing is a long process and sometimes it is short but none the less, something good comes out of trials and challenges. Thus the pearl reminds me of the word ”fortitude”, bright and shiny, smooth with luster, but strong, something that is grown, not given, much like a pearl. What is handed down, like an heirloom, is this invaluable fruit “fortitude” from generation to generation.

This book meant so much to me because it reminded me of my mother and her “best friends”, her sister and sister –in-laws, that I bought My Mother’s Pearls for each one of my living Aunts. They gave me so much more than a strand of pearls, they gave me a great model to model my life by.

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