strawberry moon at market

New Beginnings

May 15, 2014 By: Diane - No Comments

New beginnings ….. isn’t that a beautiful phrase? What do you think of when you hear that phrase? I think of hope, fresh, bright, and clean. I think of the sunshine after the rain, light after the darkness, success after hard work. That is what Strawberry Moon, all 2 of us, have been doing for the past month. Betsy and I have been cleaning, brightening, tearing apart, rebuilding, learning, searching, studying, creating, doing everything necessary to bring you a bright new , clear , easy to navigate website. We have been to market for new and exciting jewelry. We’ve been creating and designing our own pieces. We are excited to bring you different and quality jewelry that you will love. Look to the horizon as we feature these new products. {Thanks to my partner and sustaine, Betsy(gorgeous, and lovely, creative) keeps me going. Thanks to Curt (pure genius), Christian (pure talent), Nicki (gorgeous in and out, smart, creative, and organized), Jackie (gorgeous and contagious), Vabecca (pure beauty), Aly (almost perfect, ok perfect only because she is my daughter). We also thank Salon Tease for their talent and energy and keeping us looking good.} We have been so blessed with you, our customers, and the people we have met and gotten to know who have worked so hard to make this all work. { Thanks to our mysterious partner who supports us (in more ways than one), follows us, and keeps us focused on that tight rope. So let us introduce to you our NEW BEGINNING, Enjoy the New Moon.