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Jeweled by Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon is actually the name given to the moon in the month of June. Growing up in Indiana, June was a welcome sight to my senses- warmth, sun, flowers, flip-flops and sundresses. Everything slowed down, the air smelled sweeter, people took more time to be together, and the days were longer. This is the feeling we want to evoke through our products. More than a company, Strawberry Moon is a lifestyle of casual elegance and romantic whimsy. I now find myself living in Florida, a climate of eternal summer, sunshine and rolling waves. My life and style have found their way to a year-long Strawberry Moon. My world has been made immeasurably richer by my family moving here with me. My Aunt Diane shares my dream of Strawberry Moon and has a marketing and fine jewelry background. We have decided to take on this creative adventure together sharing our lifestyle and vision with you. I am excited to have her beside me creating our new world. Welcome to Strawberry Moon!


Living creatively spills over into each area of life. It is ever changing, filled with inspiration and full of opportunities with different stages of life. I am daily filled with inspiration by my family . My two girls keep me on my toes and inspire me to dream and be a better person everyday. My faith gives me perspective and deep reliance in the Creator Himself. Since I can remember, I have always been drawn to colors, design and decorating. With an educational background in retail and fashion design, buying and creating are two passions I am always excited to share. I have been blessed to grow up in a very close family. My parents are amazing, wise people that continue to teach me and always believe in me. My aunts and cousins are more like second moms, brothers and sisters. When an opportunity presented itself to work with my Aunt Diane, I was ecstatic to jump in! Strawberry Moon has been an adventure so far and we are sure to keep it just that. Eye-catching, unique pieces will continually spill out of Strawberry Moon and onto your vanity table. Enjoy!


Jeweled by Strawberry Moon, I affectionately call it S-berry Moon, is a story in the making and a longtime dream of mine. As a high schooler in Evansville, Indiana, my mother would often take me to my favorite jewelry store, Kruckemeyer and Kahn to graze through the jewelry. I would tell her of my aspirations to be a gemologist. As time passed, I did not fulfill that dream. I went to college, Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, married my college best friend, moved away from precious family and many relatives to Maryland and became a mother of four fabulous children (best job ever). Though you never stop being a mother, that job is over and being my now best friends, Whitney, Valerie, Michael and Aly have encouraged and prompted me to kiss my life. Living the dash between the dates I now live in Naples, Florida giving birth to Jeweled by Strawberry Moon with my daughter-niece, Betsy. I have come full circle and am happily back with family. Resurrecting a dream and grazing through jewelry with Betsy on the Strawberry Moon. What a joy to join with my niece in a business venture and dream of hers. Over the mountains and through many deep valleys He leads me …I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Betsy and I invite you to swing on this Moon with us.

A marriage of rugged semi-precious stone with nature’s crystal shimmer

We align quality with passion from the earth to your jewelry box


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